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    Can't update Photoshop CS6 or CC


      I have a perpetual license for Photoshop CS 6 and the photographer's package of CC. I also have a perpetual license for Lightroom 5. Since I signed up several months ago I have had difficulties on my primary machine getting Photoshop CC & CS 6 to update. Every time I have to contact support, and they end up giving up and doing some kind of workaround. But every time they do anything (take over my machine by remote control) they make the situation worse.


      At the moment I am mostly up to date except for the Photoshop CC upgrade that I got on my laptop a few days ago, and my perpetual license CS 6 is stuck at 13.0.5 where 13.0.6 is current. Uninstalling the CC Desktop App and/or Photoshop CC and running the Cleaner app before reinstalling doesn't help. I am afraid to uninstall CS 6 for fear that I will find myself stuck back at 13.0.0.


      Mandhir Bhatia who is apparently with Creative Cloud Enterprise Support (I have managed to get upgraded from regular inept support) told me that I can't run CS6 and CC on the same machine, and if I do, my Perpetual License automatically becomes a Creative Cloud license. Didn't happen on my laptop. Then he said as a "workaround" he would deactivate my CS 6 app, and I could reenter my serial number and when it tells me to login, create a second Adobe ID from a different e-mail address. We did this, and all it did was create a second Creative Cloud ID for me, which won't update anything either. He insists that I can't have a perpetual license and a CC license running on the same machine. The FAQ on Adobe's website says:


      Yes, your existing Creative Suite installation will not be affected by installing the new CC applications. For example, you can install and use both Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CC on the same computer.


      There does not appear to be any way to contact anyone at Adobe who either speaks English or knows what he is doing.


      Near as I can tell the whole thing became unrecoverable when at the direction of a support guy I ran the Creative Cloud Desktop uninstaller while the application was running. I didn't expect it to even run, but because of the language issue I was unable to explain the problem to the guy. My computer went massively unstable because the program I was running (creative Cloud Desktop) actually got removed. Following the resulting crash, it took me many hours to get the Mac running properly again. Mandhir Bhatia wants to take over my machine again on Monday (the next time I will be available) and "Clean Up" my installation. Since nothing he did today worked as he said it would, and everything worked as I said it would, I am reluctant to let him do this, but I also need to actually get the thing working right as I can't spend whole days with support every time there is an update. It also doesn't help that Mandhir Bhatia gets off work at 10 AM my time, and I don't get clear of stuff I have to do in the mornings until around that time. I really need some help here, but I am afraid of the help Adobe offers as it always seems to make the problems worse.

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          I've forwarded this topic to someone who should be able to help resolve your situation.

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            oldbalddude Level 1

            I've been through a whole lot of people who started out saying they could help, butcouldn't. I do appreciate the effort though. I can't afford a couple of days work lost every time there is an update, and that's what it has been from day one.

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              Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

              Oldbalddude I am sorry for the number of difficulties you have experienced updating Photoshop CS6 and Creative Cloud.  A member of our support team will be contacting you directly.  Please feel free to respond to this discussion if you continue to face difficulties.

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                Yes, if I had that many difficulties getting my products to work, I'd be pretty unhappy as well.


                That is why I bypassed the normal support chain and sent your issue up to the top (well, as close to the top as I can without annoying Kirsten :-).

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                  oldbalddude Level 1

                  At this point I am willing to annoy anyone. I am out of pocket tomorrow and Thursday as I have to go to Albuquerque to meet with a surgeon for my cataracts. Be home on Friday, but will be very behind, which is why I scheduled Mandhir Bhatia for Monday. I do appreciate the help, but I really may not be able to take advantage of it until next week.

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                    Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                    Oldbaldude please don't hesitate to reach out to me via this discussion or via private message next week.  I wish you the best of luck with your upcoming surgery!

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                      I have read this thread with Oldbaldude and have the same issue. I have CS6 and CC apps installed on the same machine. Several months ago after experiencing several weeks of all programs (CS6 & CC) working fine and updating through the Creative Cloud app, Photoshop CS6 failed to update. I attempted to go through Adobe Support for help and without going into it, I had a very similar experience as Oldbaldude. Language barrier was excruciating, and I went through several different support people both in email and on the phone who tried to help. Eventually after several back and forth days of de-installing, reinstalling, deleting, and reinstalling, I had everything updated, including Photoshop CS6. Things seemed to be back to normal and I was assured the failed update problem with CS6 apps would never happen again because I had gotten rid of older pieces of updaters and replaced with the latest version of Creative Cloud updater. Right. Yes, it all worked fine until about two months ago, when once again, Photoshop CS6 attempted to update and failed. The progress bar runs all the way through and shows 100% progress and then comes back with "Update Failed, U44M1P7." I kept trying to update it several times but it kept failing with the very same error—the same error I had several months before. I am not going to go through the time-sucking hassle I went through previously so I have just left it be. Photoshop CS6 won't update now but the program seems to still run so I am just ignoring the failure to update message. It's very frustrating and maddening, but not as maddening as Adobe Support not being able to easily fix it without doing all sorts of re-installs. If someone out there finds a fix or discovers what the hell is going on with the Photoshop CS6 updates, please let me know in this forum. Oldbaldude, if they ever get back to you with an answer please post it here.

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                        Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        PS CS6 hasn't received an update since Nov 2013. It's legacy software, no longer supported.  It will never receive another update, ever. Photoshop CS6 Perpetual License Updates Now Available | Photoshop Blog by Adobe


                        EDIT:  This discussion is 2 years old.  So it's unlikely that Oldbaldude will reply.


                        Nancy O.

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                          DanRaguse Level 1

                          @NancyO  that's interesting. If it hasn't been updated since Nov 2013, then why does Creative Cloud want to update it. I checked my version and it's 13.06, supposedly the latest version. Something's broke if Creative Cloud thinks it needs to be updated. And yes, I know the conversation is old but it's the closest one that came up on a forum search for this topic. Thanks for your post though...

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                            Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            Your Creative Cloud desktop app might need to be reset.

                            Sign in and sign out to activate Creative Cloud apps



                            Nancy O.

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                              shortfilmer22 Level 1

                              I keep trying to update my CS6 extended (which indicates it can be updated) and it starts updating but then says it "failed." I retry, as instructed, and it still doesn't download fully.

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                                DanRaguse Level 1

                                I've had the same issue for some time. I believe it has something to do with having both CC and CS6 installed. I finally decided to just ignore it. On adobe site's the last or latest version of Photoshop CS6 is 13.06, the version I have. Why it keeps wanting to update it then is a mystery. Adobe's response? Delete everything, reinstall everything. Right. I'm going to waste a whole day doing that and then find out it still doesn't fix the problem. They really want everyone to get rid of CS6 so they can keep you on the hook for the rest of your life with their subscription model.

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                                  Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                  The last update for DW CS6 ver 12.0 on perpetual license was rolled out on 12/12/2012.  That's it.  No more updates, ever.   You can get 12.0.3 updates directly at the link below.

                                  Adobe - Dreamweaver Support Center : Updaters

                                  If you already have it, you may not know it because the .0 releases didn't always show-up in the Help > About Dreamweaver panel.


                                  CC and CS6 perpetual are entirely separate programs.  The installation of one should have no effect on your others.



                                  Nancy O.

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