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    How might I burn a dvd at fast forward speed?


      I am very proud of a dvd I have been working on for the last 11 months.  It is 52 minutes.

      Yet, I would like to distribute another version at the speed I see at Fast Forward - a more humane 16 minutes.

      What is acceptable is that the sound retains the same pitch, only the tempo is a bit zippy.

      I would appreciate any ideas that might help.

      Using PE 10 and when I finish this project will likely go to 12.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          I do not know if my following blog post is going to be of any help in maintaining the sound integrity as you do a Time Stetch Fast Motion Effect on your Premiere Elements Timeline, but maybe give it a look.



          How does the audio integrate with the video? Voices that need to be in sync with screen image, other...?


          What is the problem with just doing a player fast forward on the 52 minute end product? And leave the fast forward speed up to the viewer with the remote.


          But, I am not seeing the rationale behind taking your valued 52 minute presentation into a pseudo time lapse where the viewer might be expected to perceive nothing more than a video and audio hint of what is being presented.


          Did I markedly misinterpret your intent?



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            vumadave Level 1

            thanks for your greased lightning response, ATR.

            I looked briefly at the link.  Obviously, I have to settle down and apply myself to understand it.

            But, it seems to offer some hope.


            The sound is “musical” whatever voices are song.

            I worked very hard on the sound track, so up tempo is okay

            because I wanted the sound to have something of an independent

            life of the image.   I rarely use sound unless I have some very good

            ideas how to balance image and sound.   Otherwise, I feel like I am cheating.


            what’s wrong with the 52 minute?  Nothing.   But, its pace and density of information requires

            a lot of the viewer.   I sort of like the idea that when I show the work in person,

            I can say, first is the 16 minute version.   If you are satisfied you can go home.   But, if you want

            to make sure you didn’t miss anything, hang on for the next 52 minutes.   Maybe like cliff notes.


            No pseudo time-lapse possible from how I made the images since the

            time is only within the system itself.   Topology is in play – no matter you how you bend it,

            the shape remains.   So, why not garbage compact it!   (bad joke)


            Thanks again, your link is tomorrow’s homework after doing the laundry and grocery shopping.


            David Lee

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              A.T. Romano Level 7

              David Lee


              Thanks for your insights into your work.


              Please update us on your progress and further developments.


              I need to sit back and visualize all this according to your description. I can see a trailer of sorts (16 minutes) to your 52 minute work, but not 52 minutes fast forward into 16 minutes.


              Lots of homework on both sides on this one.


              Best wishes.



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                vumadave Level 1



                           What don’t I understand?


                            Trying to speed up the image for a dvd and retain the pitch of the sound.


                            I go to Effects; then, Posterize Time;  drag Posterize time to the image track; at Edit Effects, I drag the bars all the way to +99; and touch Apply.

                The time does not change.


                            Thanks for any info.


                                      -David Lee

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  The only way that you are going to create fast or slow motion effects in Premiere Elements is

                  a. Time Stretch

                  b. Time Remapping

                  c. Interpret Footage (Assume Frame Rate of....)

                  Give it a look. Bad news for audio. And, then reference against what I have written in the blog post that I mentioned.


                  I would not be using the Time/Posterize Time Effect for creating Fast or Slow Motion. Please refer to the following thread, noting in particular the comments of Robert J. Johnston.



                  More later.