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    Automatically saving data to service when changed


      I could really use a nudge in the right direction. From what I gather, I can successfully pull data into my flex form from a database using ColdFusion CFC's. I can also save data to the DB via a "Save" button on the screen.

      What I cant figure out is a good way to update the record as the user enters data. If I use the Change events it calls the webservice each time a character changes.

      So how do I do you handle saving data without update buttons so it works like a desktop application?

      Your help is much appreciated. I have been reading the documentation and searching google, but I think I am missing something core and basic.

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          atta707 Level 2
          what would you define as your unit of change that should save the data? Of course, change event won't cut it. Is it that you want to save when any field is updated for this row or only when you move from one record to another?

          What kind of component(s) are using for this data? TextFields, Datagrid?

          I think, for text fields generally you should be able to get the behavior you're looking for by listening for valueComitt event. You might also want to look into updateComplete event.

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            cf_underscore Level 1
            I am looking to detect changes to each field. I am dealing with a Tabbed form with several fields (probably 50).

            I wasnt aware of the valueCommit event and it sounds like just the voodoo I need. Let me look into that.

            I really appreciate your help.