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    Including a Table of Contents Page in an ePub - using InDesign CC

    Myron Achtman Level 1

      Previously, when I used InDesign CS6, including a table of contents (TOC) page in an ePub was very easy. Unfortunately, the process no longer works with InDesign CC.


      An error message appears when I output the ePub. It says, "Please update TOC with Make text anchor in source paragraph option turned on." I made this change to my documents and it still did not fix the resulting ePub.


      If anyone can offer a suggestion on how to solve this error, I'd really appreciate it.


      This appears to be yet another new "downgrade" in the CC suite. I'm amazed how many different problems there are with the various CC applications. I'm getting closer to my decision to drop my CC subscription and go back to the far more reliable (and stable) CS6 products in my Adobe Master Collection.


      Myron Achtman


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