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    Pop up menu colour problem

      I tried to make a navigation bar in fireworks with a pop-up menu as well. I set the colour for the nav bar to be the same a s the web page its used for. However when I insert the resultant nav-bar into dreamweaver and preview it the colour is very grainy. Could anybody help with this? You can see what i mean if you look at www.hearttohand.net
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          pixlor Level 4
          How did you export the images? Or did you do that explicitly...? Hmm.

          I know Fireworks can save HTML, but don't use it. Export your images and give them real, meaningful names and build the navbar in Dreamweaver. Do you even know what this image is:
          <img name="navbar_r1_c1" src="images/navbar/navbar_r1_c1.gif" width="800" height="7" border="0" id="navbar_r1_c1" alt="" />

          Make your mockup in Fireworks. Set slices and name the slices so that you get image file names like home.gif, news.gif, and history.gif to work with in Dreamweaver.

          When you go to export your slices (File>Image Preview in CS3), set your palette to Adaptive or Exact, rather than Web 216. Adaptive or Exact palettes will use the colors of your image, rather than dithering (which is what looks like is happening for you) or shifting your colors.

          Also, for your banner, you should export at a higher quality level on the .jpg image. You have quite a bit of noise in it.
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            sharpeg Level 1
            Thanks for the advice. I'm extremely new to web design but what you say does make sense (I think!!). I'll give it a shot anyway. Thanks again