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    Fail to return complete bookmark name, when special characters like "≥" is included within bookmark


      I used the code :  bm_name = bkm.name to return the bookmark name to the string variable  bm_name.

      Unluckily, I found when special characters like "≥" included within bookmark, some letters at the end of the bookmark name will be missed.

      Attached below is an example I used for test purpose.  I made a bookmark named as it. When the ≥ is not included, the whole name will be returned. but when ≥ is added, then incomplete of the bookmark name will be returen to bm_name.


      Could you please kindly give some suggestions? Many thanks!


      Sample Bookmark Name: 

      Test purpose this is a test for special characters. When special characters are included in the bookmark, then I will fail to return the complete bookmark name with javascript. If the special characters are removed, the whole bookmark name will be returned.