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    saving files in PS CC


      It is taking from 5-more then 15 MINUTES !! to save a file in PS CC I ma at a loss to know what to do.

      I have plenty of space on my external hard drive ...any suggestions? has anyone else had this issue?

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          Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          what size is your file? What OS are you using? Are you using any features that would create extremely large files (Multiple layers, video, audio, 3d, multiple channels, etc.)?

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            LauraYoder Level 1

            they are mostly files I work on..imported thru Lightroom 5 ..and most of the time flattened but they are saved as Tiff files.

            sometimes a layered file. I am about to restart my iMac again after uninstalling Nik filters and have downloaded the lastest version.

            I have a new External drive with lots of space. not sure if i should uninstall PSCC and redownload it?

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              gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Try resetting your Photoshop Preferences:


              Close PS


              Hold down Cmd-Opt-Shift and click on your PS icon to start it up.


              You should see the reset dialog. Confirm


              Hopefully this clears the logjam.


              Reboot your iMac as an extra step.


              Other thoughts are to repair your disk permissions, and OS housekeeping like clearing caches.


              Onyx is a good free tool for that.

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                LauraYoder Level 1

                I downloaded the upgrade for PS CC last night and restarted but i dont want to reboot to factory settings ...wont i lose everything?  i did repair disk permissions recently ...how often should i do that? changed permissions. still doing the same thing.

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                  LauraYoder Level 1

                  doing another repair ...disk permissions and seeing a lot of "permissions differ"is that the problem? i didnt have those 2 weeks ago.

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                    gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Okay,here's another idea. I use Photoshop CC on my Mac. I joined the cloud before the release of CC, when CS6 was the cloud product. I keep CS6 on my system for situations like this.


                    If you will download the CS6 trial and sign in with your Adobe ID, you can see if the problem of saving to the external drive is still there.


                    Reseting prefs should not harm anything, but if you need to be sure you can test on CS6.




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                      RobertoBlake Level 2

                      File save speeds are usually a result of not having a sufficient amount of RAM, slow processors or a slow Hard Drive. Space on the Hard Drive is not really a factor here. Without knowing the specs of your system and the size and amount of layers in your files, it is very difficult to give you a recommendation for improving the save times and performance.


                      However I do know that running CS6 or CC on my laptop that multilayered 24x36 inch 150 DPI files don't take that long to save with 8GB and 2x 2.2GHz Processors on a 5400RPM hard drive. Using that as a basis for comparison I can only assume your files are larger than 300MB and/or your specs are less than 4GB of Ram and less than 2GHz of processor speed.


                      The only real answer for improved performance, (given these assumptions) is you need to upgrade your hardware.

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                        LauraYoder Level 1

                        Thank you for all your responses...I am getting new drives for my Drobo.

                        I knew it was full and purchsed a new hard drive to work from until I get the Drobo Drives upgraded.

                        but what was happened was.... I copied client folders from the drobo to the new drive.

                        however when I opened the lighroom catalog and working out of it ...it was still saving to the drobo!

                        Thanks again! Laura