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    Premier Elements 12


      While in the organizer I changed some folder file names.  I then went to the editor to open an existing project.  A window opened showing the PRE files that I had saved, when I selected the pre file that I wanted it said "this type of file is not supported or the required codec is not installed.  Are the folder name references not updated when I change the file names in the Organizer?  Must I redo all of my work?


      I am using a Lenovo 64 bit computer and windows 8 OS


      Chuck Price

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Could you detail step by step what you did to the point where you got the message

          this type of file is not supported or the required codec is not installed.

          Is there any way that you were trying to import a project file (project.prel) into another project file (project.prel). That cannot be done and would be consistent with the message that you got.


          The source media in a project are copies of the original saved to the computer hard drive and these copies trace back to the originals saved to the computer hard drive. You cannot move or delete or rename them once you have saved closed the project. When you reopen it, you end up with "Where is the file....?" for each of the source media involved. Are you getting any "Where is the file....?" messages. You have not reported that.


          Let us try this. Where do you have the project.prel file saved on the computer hard drive? Wherever that is, right click the project.prel file there and select Open With and then Premiere Elements 12. Does the project.prel file open? If it now opens, are you hit with "Where is the file....?" messages?


          Let us start here and then we can try to sort out the various scenarios and consequences.


          But, your step by step to the message and how the proposed mini test goes will be a big help.


          Thank you.



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            I think that ATR has pointed up the problem - trying to Import a PREL, rather than Opening it.


            If that sorts things out, and I believe that it will, then this Tips & Tricks article might prove useful, if you get "Where is file ___ ?", or "Media Offline." http://forums.adobe.com/message/4598705#4598705


            Good luck, and let us know if you need additional assistance.



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              I did not want to get too far into this until you had answered the basic questions that I asked.


              But, if you get into a missing media situation characterized by colorful media offline thumbnails and such and those "Where is the file....?" messages, we can consider making the necessary source media - project reconnects with Replace Footage


              as well as with those "Where is the file....?" messages. At that time, we can decide whether using one approach or the other would be to your advantage.


              Just some on hold thoughts for now.



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                Thanks very much for your thoughts.


                Some background - I am assuming that will shed some a little more light.  I have 4 DVDs that contain 8mm movies taken about 30 years ago of the kids plus other trips around the world.  I gave all of my 8mm movie reels to Costco and they at random copied them to the 4 DVDs.  I am left with movie clips placed at random on these DVDs and they are labelled something like Memories 1, Memories 2, Wedding etc. - totally meaningless labels.  My process began with bringing in clips of one DVD to the timeline of the editor(quick -  as I have just purchased the program) as a new project, then isolating the parts that I wanted, then using the "delete and close gap"feature to eliminate the parts I did not want.  I then used the "save as" (I think - not,  "save a copy") to save the project.  The next day I opended the program and used the  "öpen recent project" to bring in what I had used the previous day.  At that point I had the previous days work in the time line.  I then brought in the second DVD files and selected and deleted the portions that I wanted as per the previous day.  Eventually I got all of the bits that I wanted and sorted them into time order and saved the whole project using "save as" under a new name that indicated I had reached a milestone.  At that point I had about 45 minutes of clips that neeeded to be worked on.  Since I am new to this program I decided to replicate the process but with some other clips that would consititute about 2 minutes of clips.  That way I could learn by working on a small project and then move on to the bigger project after learning some procedures.  I brought in first one DVD, selected and deleted what I wanted and then the same with the second DVD as per the above process and then ended up with another saved project using an appropriate name.  Feeling quite good about the process I opened the organizer and looked a the clips on each DVD using the "play video or audio" and then renamed the DVDs with names that represented more or less what was on the DVDs - I assumed that since a right click allowed me to rename a file, the program would change the references appropriately in my saved fiels.  The next day I opended the editor and clicked on the öpen recent project", selected the smaller project and that is when the " file not supported and codec" message appeared.


                Now to answer your questions:


                When I look at my hardrive under "Videos"I see 5 folders - 4 folders labelled with the new names as per the above discussion and one labelled "Clips from Costco DVDs".  When I open the "Clips from Costco DVDs", I see several PRE icons with the labels that I used to save them, the Auto Save folders, Preview files, and Encoded files, plus some text document files.  If I right click on one of the PRE files, I get a box that asks how I want to open the file, a box, checked that says Üse app for all .prel files and showing a Premier Elements icon.  Now if I double left click on a PRE file, the editor opens with a box on top that says "Where is the file VTS_02_1.VOB and the window shows all of the files in the "Clips from Costco DVDs"(see above).  Double click once more on a pre file and I get the "file not supported or the required codec is not installed"


                I hope this give you some insight as to what I have done ad hopefully you can guide me to a solution.

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                  It is late where I am so I will give you a more detailed account in the morning.


                  But this is what I believe is probably involved.


                  The trigger for the events (consequences)....


                  a. I believe that you have renamed folders in which project source media existed after you saved closed a project. Consequently, the "Where is the file....?" message. The program is not necessarily going to open the Look In: to where the files are that need re-connecting. You need to Browse to where you know they are and make the re-connect. You cannot move, delete, or rename source media files or folders that the files are in after you saved closed a project.prel, otherwise consequences.


                  b. As it relates to the "file not supported or the required codec is not installed",I am almost sure that you are trying to import an AutoSave. If that project.prel had a name like My new video project.prel, one of the AutoSaves has the name format of My new video project-1.prel for one of the AutoSave.


                  I think that the "Where is the file....?" message is getting you into trouble because the Look In is opening to a section that shows AutoSaves with the inviting PRE.


                  More in the morning.



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                    After sending you my last message I investigated your "replace footage" hint.  When I pointed to the file that I had renamed, the clip reappeared.  That solved the problem for my small project.  The larger project is a little more complicated.  Unfortunelty when I look on the DVDs from Costco, each DVD uses the same file name - for example: DVD1 has files named VTS_01 and VTS_01_1 and VTS_02 and VTS_02_1 etc, and when I look at DVD2 it has the same file numbers - so when I look at the assets panel it is asking for several files and some of them have the same file name, but really they are from different DVDs. 

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                      so I must figure out which DVD these files are located at.  A very messy business but I think I am on the road to success. 


                      Thanks for the help


                      BUT - I am really surprised that I cannot rename files in the organizer the way I did.  I would have thought that at least there would have been a big warning sign when I tried to nename saying something like - IF YOU RENAME YOUR FILES THE REFERENCES TO YOUR CURRENT PROJECTS MAY BE LOST or somehting like that.





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                        Sounds like you are making good progress.


                        Just an aside comment (just in case kind....)


                        When you are using Premiere Elements to rip VOBs from DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc and you have more than one DVD disc, you can get into a block because each DVD-VIDEO will typically have its video in files starting with the same name VTS_01_1.VOB. By default, the Video Importer Save In: is set for Videos. So, after Disc 1, you have VTS_01_1.VOB file save in Videos.


                        But, when you repeat the ripping with DVD 2, it also will have a VTS_01_1.VOB (same name as for DVD 1). And, with the Save In: = VIdeos, you will get the message that file has already been imported - which it has not.


                        Consequently you are going to have to organize your save location with folders for each and direct the Video Importer Save In accordingly.



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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          With DVD-Video discs involved, there is one limitation - all will have mostly the same file names: VST_xx (where xx = the number and name, of the VST. Unfortunately, that naming convention will appear for each of the DVD-Video discs. By renaming the Imported DVD-Videos, PrE cannot follow the old links, so one has to manually navigate to the correct disc (now a folder), for that particular VST_xx.


                          Those original links are absolute Paths, and any change in any part of that Path, breaks the links.


                          As a side note: I once inherited a very large Project. The original editor had scanned about 3000 photographs, placing them in some oddly-named folders. Unfortunately, he named the JPEG files the exact same, JPEG_01, JPEG_02, etc. Had his folder structure been set up with descriptive names, it would not have been that big a deal, but he did not. When I Opened the Project, all 3000 Still Images had broken links. I had to print out contact sheets, for each folder, all containing files with the same names, repeated over and over, and then manually try to determine what a good, descriptive name would be for that folder. That took about a week of work, as I had to identify the subjects in each folder, then create a descriptive name for that folder. However, once done, I knew that, depending on where I was in the Timeline, the missing "JPEG_01" would be the one from, say the "1880's" folder. Premiere is pretty smart, in that once I navigated to the 1880's folder, to find the missing JPEG_01, it would then correctly link JPEG_02, etc. Then, when it came to the next folder with a broken link, I had to navigate to that folder's JPEG_01, and the process completed again. "Rinse and repeat." Lots of work, and it reinforced how NOT to set up a Project. I completely understand your pain, and especially as that Project also contained about 300 MOV files, mostly named "MOV_01," etc., along with 100+ AVI files, with similar, non-descriptive names. At least by the time that I began editing, I knew every Asset intimately!


                          Good luck, and with a bit of work, you can probably identify each VST_xx file, where it's needed.



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                            Good point, I will take that into account.





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                              Yes that is exactly where I am except that my project is not quite as difficult as you describe


                              This is the first time that I have used the forum and I must say that I have a good feeling about it.  Thanks guys/gals.  An old dog like me is hesistant to use these new methods





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                                An old dog like me is hesistant to use these new methods

                                I completely understand - each day is a learning experience for me too.


                                Though I do not work with many DVD-Video discs, when I do, I use a slightly different workflow. I Copy the VIDEO_TS folder, containing the IFO, BUP and the important VOB files. Those VIDEO_TS folders are placed into folders, with descriptive names, such as my example "1880's." After that Copy operation, I then Import the necessary VOB files, into the Project. I never touch that folder structure again, until the Project is 100% complete.


                                With the Import function in PrE, one has the opportunity to specify the destination folder location, but I like to manage that before the Import. I also create a little flow-chart, with all of the various folder names, to which I can rely, should I get lost in the process.


                                Good luck, and I'll bet that once you get started with the re-linking, it will be much more simple, than imagined. You have the benefit of knowing the general order of Clips on each of those DVD-Videos, plus know most of the subjects. In my case, I knew none of the subjects, and had to try and identify them from photos of them growing up, and over maybe 50 years of their lives. "Is that Aaron, or his brother, Claude???"



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                                  Hello ATR


                                  I now have a new problem:


                                  I now have generated several files and saved them on my hard drive.  When I am in the the editor and click on OPEN PROJECT all of the files that I saved are listed as I expect.  If I click on properties for any one of those files it says that they are xxxx.prel files.  I now want to join several of these files together. I double click one of the files and the frames appear on the time line as I expect.  Now I want to bring another one of the files onto the time line to join it with the one that I just brought in.  So I assume the procedure is to click on ADD MEDIA.  When I do this and look on the hard drive where I can see them as above they are not there.  If I click on OPEN FILE inder FILE all of the files are there.  But if I double click on a file that is different than the one I currently have on the time line that file opens and the previous frame are erased.


                                  SO the question is:  Why are the files not shown when I click on ADD MEDIA and how do I get a another clip onto the timeline to add it to file that is currently on the time line?



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                                    You cannot import anything with a .prel file extension into a Premiere Elements project file (project.prel). When you OPEN PROJECT, you should be seeing a list of existing (saved/closed) projects (all with .prel file extensions). Depending where you are looking, you might also be seeing some AutoSave (also with .prel file extension).


                                    One of these project.prel contains the source media files (maybe .mov, .avi, .mp4 etc.). It is the source media that you import into a project (project.prel).


                                    If you have created two projects (each with a .prel file extension) and you want to take something from one and put it into the other, there are at least two possibilities

                                    a. You Copy/Paste Insert between projects



                                    b. You export the Timeline content of one into a file (.mov, .avi, etc) save to the hard drive and then import that file into the second project with the second project Add Media/Files and Folders/Project Assets.


                                    Please check out the above and let me know if I have misinterpreted what you have written.


                                    More on this in the morning.





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                                      chuckx Level 1



                                      Problem solved - thank you



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                                        Great news. Great job.


                                        I am just starting my day (a little later than I planned), so your new was a great way to start the day.


                                        Continued success.