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    After Effects CS6/CC isn't running on windows8.

    Jigar Patel



      I have upgraded my Laptop (ASUS K55VM-SX046R) from windows 7 to windows 8 pro.

      and I have tried installing Adobe After Effects CS6 as well as CC both one by one. Both gets installed successfully and even opens without any error. But then i got this kind of screen(same as i have attached), In composition area, it just shows white blank portion, there should be video instead. But I'm not getting the video and just this white screen. Same happened with Photoshop CC (64bit), in drwing canvas it was showing just a balnk space (not white color, but of grey or any default color), and when i installed 32bit version Photoshop CC, it worked perfectly. Anyways, Photoshop issue is just to ask you that, is it because of 64Bit versions or anything else?


      Please help me out with After Effcets CS6/CC.


      Thanking You :-)