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    After Effects cc to Encoder cc and Exports too longn


      my 50 seconds long video has done in adobe after effects and I link to Encoder to export. but the Encoder cc takes very very long (its like 10 hours)


      I exported to : Mpeg2 blu-ray, 1920 x 1080 default settings


      where is what i have:


      windows 8

      Processor: Intel i7-3930k

      SSD SATA 256GB

      RAM: 32

      VGA: Quadro k4000 (I used CUDA as my renderer)


      Task Manager:


      while exporting



      after effects: 25~30%

      Encoder: 1~2%

      RAM 40% used included open like 10 programs already


      Im not sure if im giving enough information or not but can somebody tell me what is going on ? did i miss something ?? do i have to download anything to boost my computer or Adobe softwares ? I have no idea.. thats sick