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    1000 pdf-forms from Indesign


      In english:


      We have about 1000 documents in Indesign, and each document to be saved to a pdf form. In the PDF is a box customers will be able to change the content on and then send to the printers. The box will be located in the same place on each dok.


      I would ideally like to be able to export a make an editable pdf with bleed and crop marks directly from InDesign. As in InDesign where I already can determine the font and font size in the edit box as it is on 1000 PDFs.


      Option 1: save out an interactive pdf but then I don't get with crop marks and still have to open up the PDF in Acrobat in order to change the font in the form fields.


      Option 2: make a print-pdf with crop marks that I open in Acrobat and then redo

      to the form. It takes more time and I never get the form field at the exact same place every time because I did not succeed-paste in place-in Acrobat.


      If you managed to read up to here, I am impressed. If you solve my problem, I am eternally grateful to you.




      In Swedish:


      Vi har ca 1000 dokument i Indesign och varje dokument ska sparas till en formulär pdf. På den pdfen finns en ruta som kund ska kunna ändra innehållet på och sen skicka till tryckeriet. Den rutan kommer att ligga på samma ställe på varje dok.


      Jag skulle helst av allt vilja kunna exportera ut en göra en redigerbar pdf med utfall och skärmärken direkt från InDesign där jag dessutom redan i InDesign kan bestämma font och fontstorlek i den redigerbara rutan eftersom det är på 1000 olika pdf:er det gäller.


      Alternativ 1: spara ut en interaktiv pdf men då får jag inte med skärmärken och måste ändå öppna upp pdfen i Acrobat för att ändra typsnittet i formulärsfälten.


      Alternativ 2: gör en utskriftspdf med skärmärken som jag öppnar i Acrobat och sedan gör om

      till formulär. Det tar längre tid och jag lyckas aldrig få formulärsfältet på exakt samma plats varje gång eftersom jag inte lyckas -klistra in på plats- i Acrobat.


      Om du orkat läsa ända till hit är jag imponerad. Om du löser mitt problem är jag dig evigt tacksam.

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          Migintosh Level 4

          If you want to export as an interactive PDF, you can always increase the page size and add the crop marks manually.

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            TREX Level 2

            This may help when creating crop marks?...


            If you want crop marks on all your pdf’s…


            Indesign -  File Document Set Up

            Click on Bleed Settings e.g. 3mm or your choice (Top, Bottom, Inside, Outside) click OK.


            Keep Indesign page open, then go to:


            File - Adobe PDF Presets

            Click for example ‘Press Quality’ - Save

            Dialogue box appears

            Click on ‘Marks and Bleeds’ then click on Marks and check ‘Crop Marks’

            Click on ‘Bleeds and Slug’

            Check ‘Use Document Bleed Settings' eg 3mm - Export.


            Your pdf’s will then have crop marks, governed by the distance of your ‘Bleed Settings’ e.g. 3mm.




            Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 13.17.56.png

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              @ Trex,


              SInce the introduction of Interactive PDF as a separate option, any PDF (Print) preset is useless if you want interactive content as the OP does, and the Interactive dilaog has no provision for crops. And crop marks are governed by the offset value, not the bleed setting. In your screen shot above your crop marks will encroach almost a mm into the bleed area you've set. It's important to reset the offset value from the default to at least as much as the bleed allowance.

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                TREX Level 2

                Hello Peter, the screen shot may be a little misleading, I was just trying to show what the dialgue box looked like and where the appropriate bleed settings were, sorry for any confusion.