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    Flashplayer  hates me :(


      I have tried, without success, per Adobe's  instructions, to install the latest flashplayer (11.X )on the following linux distros:


      Zorin 6

      Fedora 19 LXDE, and 20 XFCE 32 bit

      Linux Mint 14 KDE 32 bit


      THe following graphics cards were used


      Nvidia MX 440se and FX5200, both with 64MB of ram on board.  Yes,  I Know this is a little light but it should work. The latest ppa drivers are installed and activated.


      All computer CPUs  are running at better than 2GHZ  (athlons or semprons  ) with at least 1 GB of ram on the systemboard .


      When I try to go to a flash site ( hulu, youtube, or Daily motion ).  I am told that my system does not support flash (hulu ) or Firefox 26  crashes(youtube) . I also get  crashes with Chrome (please note:

      Chrome did NOT have flash included as some claim.  If so I would have just used Chrome)  .  If I can ever  restart FF, I get the dreaded  white or black box where a video should be.


      Now here is the kicker:  I can load VLC, watch movies in FLV  format all day long. VLC does not crash.  I can watch a FLV stream from a youtube or other URL in VLC - STILL DOES NOT CRASH !

      I can watch videos in HTML5 format from youtube using  FF . FF does not crash (this is in all distros,  BTW ).   My hunch here at this point -  this effect is not a HW problem but  a either a Flash 11.X  software or config problem.

      I can load an older version (Flash 10.3 ) on all the distros and whatcha know ? - FF sees it as being outdated but I  CAN VIEW VIDEOS ONCE I ACTIVATE IT !! (In case you are wondering, I verifed the activation of the 11.2 flash version in each distro, and it still did not work  )  .  Can I do the same with 11.2 even after following Adobe's  instructions to the letter ? NOPE !  I know I am not the only one that has come accross this problem. I would love to keep using the Adobe products if it can, but If I find a way view embeded flash content without Flashplayer, I'll take it as long as I can view videos.


      I welcome any help that can yield a positive outcome regarding this issue .


      With Regards