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    How can someone without Edge Animate see an animation if I don't upload it to a website yet?


      So I just got Adobe Edge Animate CC and I've watched a few videos about the different saving options but I don't talk HTML/code or anything like that so I just want to make sure I'm doing things right. I designed and animated a banner and I have to send this to the webmaster where he will put the banner online but I want to make sure before I send anything that he will ble able to view the animation even without having Adobe Edge or not using Dreamwaever or Muse or any Adobe program.  Just like a photo in Photoshop can be saved in jpeg, png. etc. I wanted to know if there is a file extension that can be opened with Flash or some other software that people don't need to pay for in order to watch my products.


      I don't want to upload the banner and then find out it needs edits- that's why I'd like others to be able to see rought cuts.


      Thanks for your help!