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    Length of Quicktime differs from settings


      When I render a 5sec Quicktime in AE (CC), Quicktime player reports it as being 5.16 sec (Both comp and footage is 25 fps btw, so that means 4 frames too long). When I import it in FCP or back into AE it is said to be 5 sec, but Quicktime player says it is longer. Unfortunately, the computer my client uses to make broadcast copies also reports the longer length so the Quicktime is returned to me as invalid. It does not matter what codec I use, the result is the same every time.

      When I save my project as CS6 it renders a Quicktime wich is recognized as 5 seconds by both Quicktime player and the broadcast copy software.

      On top of the 8KHz audio bug and lots of other problems this makes me revert to CS6. Major pita...



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Have you verified the project timebase setting? Otherwise perhaps something to do with "Use source timecode"?



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            arjena Level 1

            Yep checked everything I could think of. But like I said, rendering the exact same project in CS6 does not give the error...

            Source time code is (in this case) irrelevant, I simplified the comp to an image sequence with an audio track. The image sequence is only 125 frames long, the audio file is exact 5 seconds.

            When I go through the qt-movie frame by frame everything is identical to the correct movie (rendered in CS6), except for the last frame. This is doubled, and for some reason the duration of this doubled frame seems longer than 1/25th of a second. That is, the play-head jumps a longer distance with this last frame than with all the others, I have no way of checking if this last frame is indeed longer.

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              arjena Level 1

              I did some more testing and I think (hope) I found the problem.

              First I made a new project, new comp (HDTV 1080 TV preset). Just a solid, timecode filter on it and render to Quicktime. Result 5 seconds.

              Same comp, now with an audio file added. Result 5.16 seconds.

              Image sequence without audio: 5 sec, with audio 5.16 secs.

              When I open the properties window (Command-J) in Quicktime player I can see that both the Audio track and the timecode track are 5.16 sec, the video track is 5.

              Various audio files and image sequences later I can safely say it's the audio causing the probem. Must be related to the 8KHz audio bug when rendering Quicktime. For which apparently a solution exist, but is yet to be shared with us (http://forums.adobe.com/message/5938627#5938627).

              So, back to CS6 until it pleases Adobe to release the update to their humble subjects...

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                Yepp, sounds reasonable that it might be related to audio issues. that would have been my next suggestion based on your description.



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                  Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee

                  This is a bug that occurs when you export to QuickTime with ProRes, DVCPRO HD or some other codecs from After Effects CC with audio enabled. The XMP duration value in the QuickTime file is being set incorrectly, but only for these codecs and only when audio is included. See my posts on this forum thread:




                  - Export the comp using AME.

                  - Export separate video and audio files.

                  - Use a different codec. Animation, PNG, and H.264 do not cause this problem.

                  - Open the QuickTime file in a text editor, search for the xmpDM:duration section, change the xmpDM:value to the expected value, then save the file. (This value is in milliseconds. Quick method to get the value without doing the math: make a blank comp of the same duration and export it without audio, and copy/paste the value from that file.)


                  Our apologies about this bug. It is filed as high priority for a bug fix release we are working on for After Effects CC (12.2).

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                    arjena Level 1

                    High priority or not, I did not know about this until my client returned a file that was not the right length. And I'm sure most users are not aware of this bug. Maybe you should think about sending a mail to all your users about serious -hidden- bugs like these. I don't know about other users, but for me AE is a tool to make a living. I do not want to spend hours on forums just to find out what is wrong with my software today. I want it to work and do what is expected. I dont't pay Adobe to be a beta tester.

                    Please at least give us the impression you take AE seriously. Ever since switching to CC i've been haunted by bugs, slow renders, disappearing preferences etc. I feel I'm spending more time fixing problems introduced by each update than doing actual work.


                    Since the company making the broadcast copies only accepts Prores or Uncompressed Quicktimes, rendering in another format/codec is not an option.

                    There are of course options to work around this bug, but, apart from the fact it should not be there in the first place, not knowing about a bug like this does not help. Now that I know about it I can work around it.

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                      Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                      As Tim said, we are working on a bug-fix update for this and a few other issues.

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                        mechaPhoneHome Level 1

                        Can't wait for it to happen since I have exactly the same issue here!

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                          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                          This problem is addressed by the After Effects CC (12.2.1) bug-fix update, which is now available:



                          Note the part at the end of that page about a crucial update for the Creative Cloud desktop application, which addresses some severe problems with AME, Premiere Pro, and After Effects.