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    ColdFusion 8 server on xp prof box failed to connect with IIS web server

      1. Installation Error (from the log file)
      "Web Server Connector Configuration Error
      Status: ERROR
      Additional Notes: ERROR - JNDI port 2930 for server
      coldfusion is not active
      netstate -ab revealed that
      this box has 4 copies of jrun running including one at port 2930.

      2. IIS setting (probably version 5, the IIS Help tab does not even indicate its
      version, funny with MS these days...),
      Applications Mapping for .cfm is mapped to

      3. When tested the cf8 installation, it generated err msg:
      "The specified procedure could not be found."

      4. The Web Server Configuration Tool that comes with cf8 is not helpful.

      Have I missed something obvious? Searching this site produced
      some threads on cf8 installation problem but none is CLEAR as to a clean
      resolution. If you know what's going on and its solution please advise.

      Thank you.