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    Calculation Error - Sporadic!


      Hi All,


      I'm being bugged by a calculation...


      = -('Total due for Course and T-Shirts' - 'Payment: Total Amount' - 'Discount Value or Payments Received £')


      This is a simple sum of three values and is in the last column of my responses, but it fails occasionally.


      The way it fails is peculiar... after a good few responses have been recieved (maybe 50+) the most recent responses return the wrong result for this calculation. The result seems to miss out all but the fist term in the sum so it just gives -('Total due for Course and T-Shirts').


      If I edit the formula and re enter it (without changing anything) the issue is fixed... until I re-load the form, then it's gone wrong again.


      In other cases (again when the number of responses becomes over 50ish) calulations go completely blank.


      This is causing frustrations as it is producing misleading results in the totals for finance and things like counting heads for catering or boarding.


      The problem seems to be independent of machine and/or browser - it appears to orginate outside of our system. I fI correct the problem on my machine the correction will filter through to the other users after an indefinite time... maybe minutes.


      Any ideas?