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    Can I use Automator with PrE?


      I'm new to PrE and this forum so I'd like to say hello first. Hello!

      I'm a skydiving videographer and I shoot the same videos over and over and the edit is the same all the time. If I could somehow or somewhat automate some or all of the editing it would save me a ton of time. A lot of my edits are done on a time constraint like this: I land and have to upload, edit, burn a DVD and upload to Youtube in less than 20 minutes with about 4 minutes of video. I need to add a music soundtrack and add some slow motion to a couple spots. No real "editing" I only shoot what I need and I shoot the same scenes each time.


      Any time I can save, even 30 seconds would be a help.


      When I open Automator on my Mac (mountain lion) and click applications, PrE doesn't show up in the list. Does PrE work in elements and if it does, what am I doing wrong?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          Unfortunately, Premiere (Pro, or Elements) does not do scripting (probably how Automator works, but not having it, or being on a Mac, cannot say for sure), like Photoshop, or After Effects can. Besides Scripting, Ps also has Actions for similar, and After Effects has Expressions, so several ways to "automate."


          What I would suggest, however, is doing a study on your normal Projects, making notes of what is common to each one. Then, create a Project, to be used as a template, with the common elements included - say music, stock shots, Titles, etc.. This might take a bit of work to get right, but once done, Save that Project (and I would also do a Save_As, placing that PREL (the Project file), away for safe keeping, in case you mess up on the next step.


          When the action has completed, Open that template Project, and immediately Save_As, maybe with clients' name, or date in the Project Name. This keeps you from overwriting that template.


          Now, after the Save_As, you are editing that newly renamed Project. Import the unique footage for editing. Change any Titles to reflect that particular Project. Drag the common elements, like the music, to the Timeline.


          When done, add any Menus, and Chapter Markers, if needed, then author to DVD for delivery.


          That template saves you time doing much of the same stuff all from scratch. I have used that method, when I was producing a 17 disc edit, where much was common, except for the footage in each.


          If you forget that Save_As, and DO overwrite that template, you still have the one that you hid away, so that all is not lost.


          Good luck, and sorry for the bad news on scripting in PrE.



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            captainpooby Level 1

            Hello Bill and thanks for the quick reply. One thing I have found is automator has a feature that can record certain actions, unfortunately, it's limited to file commands, typing and mouse. It cannot copy an action inside of time remapping. I still may be able to save some time with it.

            I will try what you recommended if I can future it out. Thanks so much!