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    Make drop down menu non-printing

      I created drop-down menus in Fireworks and exported the HTML code into Dreamweaver (www.drugfreenc.org). The client wants to be able to print pages from the website, but all of the menu text shows on the printed page (in IE and Firefox). Is there a way to keep the menu text from printing?

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          Depending on the html code that's produced by Fireworks, you could identify the elements of the menu (possibly by wrapping a <div id="menu"> around them) and then style #menu in your css file like this:

          #menu {display: none}

          This rule would be in a stylesheet just for print so you would specify your stylesheet like this:
          <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="print.css" media="print">

          If I have explained this poorly, searching for "print stylesheets" and "css display" should give information on this that is described a bit better.