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    Sequencially marking tables and illustrations?,, so that they auto re-number when rearranged?,,



          I am now being tasked (and time crunched under the gun-Argh!) to drastically re-arrange and revise some of our larger technical documents which are loaded with tables and diagrams and illustrations and graphs (etc). The person whom used to do this muscled her way thru them by just renaming them, but often there are sentences that say 'See Table 14' that then becomes a painful mis leads.
          I know that InDesign must have this feature,, to sequencially tag a line of text somehow,, so that if pages are re-arranged, that text re-numbers according to sequence,, but I don't even know what this auto re-numbering function is called,,!!!  So it's hard to look it up. 

          Can someone give me some direction in this? All of our technical documents should be set up this way!  I am surprised that they are not.  I have a huge task ahead of me, once I figure out how to do it.