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    Fulldome Projection?


      Hi, I'm a Digital Animator and right now i'm working on a Planetarium, the resolution of the needed videos is 4K (4000x4000 or 3048x3048 to be exact) and i need to know how to in After Effects (CS6), add an effect to an image or video of that resolution, i already tried Polar Coordinates and Warp Effect, being the first the best for me, because i'm going to make 4K Videos in 3D, so i want to know if Polar Coordinates is the best option, or if there's any other option (or plugin, hope it's free) to convert any kind of video on FullDome projection (Dome, Circular Projection)

      Also if anyone knows how to properly make a good composition for transforming it into FullDome, like if the two sides of the image need to be the same, or the bottom or upperside.


      Thanks in advance, i hope someone answer my questions.