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    video won't show up in my flash program (.swf)


      I'm sorry if I have put this in wrong category, i'm newbie here



      I have a problem with using Micromedia Flash 8 Professional.

      I've imported some .flv videos and place them to my .fla file using this program.

      This is the step I usually used:

      # i click 'file'

      # import

      # import video

      # i choose 'on your computer'

      # i open my .flv video location (by clicking 'browse' then 'OK')

      # next

      # i choose the 2nd one 'stream from Flash Video Streaming Service'

      # next, choose skin, next, finish


      I have total 40 videos for my .fla document.

      I published this by pressing ctrl + Enter, the video works on this.

      Then i opened this imported file .swf again by open file location (via explorer) and these video still work.

      The problem is when I copied this .swf file to my friend's laptop, the video suddenly dissappear, put it in another laptop (not mine which used to create this file) the result is the same. It just seems like I haven't put (import) any video there.


      This is very important for my last part work for this semester!

      I'm not sure what shall I do. I really appreciate any suggestions.

      I have to hand this file for the next Friday (2 days later by now)...

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          When you specify a location for the video, you're hard-coding a physical location on your own computer for each file. So it may hardcode the path:




          Whereas that user would not exist on your friends computer and the video would fail to load.


          The solution is to keep the paths relative. Put the videos you want to load in the same folder as the SWF or a subfolder inside it (e.g. 'videos') and then go to each place that references a video and make sure the path is relative.


          For example if you put the videos in the same folder as the SWF, then click on the component that plays the FLV and check the source. Change anything you see that looks like:








          Or if you put it in a subfolder (e.g. named 'videos') then just prepend that:



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