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    Please help me understand the "e" function options in the actions panel.

    rbish7660 Level 1

      Please help me understand the "e". Is "e" an Edge shorthand or  shortcut to an equivalent javascript or jQuery function? I'm referring to the "e" options that appear in the actions panels at the top where it says "function (e, sym). And under that you have the drop down choices of e.target, e.relatedTarget, e.pageX, etc. I see "e" used in a lot of code but can't quite figure it out.


      What is the most comprehensive guide to how Edge Animate works, especially with an interest in adding code interactions (there are plenty of guides but they don't go much beyond the basics).


      I'm working on learning some html, javascript, jQuery, css but where I'm getting frustrated is in understanding how they translate into use in Edge.


      Thanks much. This forum has been extremely helpful.

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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, rbish-


          e is how we represent "event" internally, so you can look up event.pageX, etc. to see what they do.  As for resources, we provide the Edge Animate JavaScript API (available via a link in the product in the "Help" section) and have been occasionally providing a blog post here and there.  I know that Edge Hero has also been providing some tutorials as well.  Some people also have purchased books that have helped them as well.


          Hope that helps,