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    Importent for me: How to replace miss font with script in Photoshop?

    喜狼_edny Level 1

      My photoshop is CS6 version.

      Often,some PSD  file come frome client ,when you open is,you find a lot of fonts missed.

      Specifically,some fonts have 2 version,For example,FZHT.ttf and FZHT_GBK.tff.

      For safety reasons,we have only install the GBK version,for it is Contains more characters,it is new.

      we never install the old version.

      but,the situation like this very very much. It  wasted me a lot of time.

      So I would like to get a script:can Automatically replace the miss fonts to Other,According to my pre-set.


      For example,I pr-set:

      Font A change to Font B

      Font D change to Font B


      Who would like to help me.........

      Best to wish to you ~

      Thank you very very very very much!