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    Photoshop CS4 stopped launching, no error message. Mac os 10.5.8 on PPC

    Compadre Coco

      Hi all,


      I´m using Photoshop CS4 on this computer (Powerbook G4 PPC with OS 10.5.8, 10 GB HD free, 1.5 Gb Ram) without problems since 3 years ago.


      2 days ago it stopped suddently working. It just doesn´t launch, without error message. On that days I was using an external USB hard disk that crashed...


      Bridge runs ok but when I try to run Camera Raw, I get the message  "Camera Raw editing is not enabled. Camera Raw editing requires that a qualifying product has been launched at least once to enable this feature".


      I already re-installed photoshop, uninstalled it and reinstalled, I tried also "App cleaner" and also I tried deleting all folders related to photoshop CS4 and reinstalling. I also repared disk permissions. I tried to use the Adobe CC Cleaner Tool but unfortunatly it doesn´t run on this machine.


      Next step would be to format the machine, but I don´t want to do it unless it´s strictly necessary..


      Any other ideas?


      Thanks in advance!