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    cfgrid navigate to detail page javascript error

      I have a cfgrid loaded into a cfdiv using ColdFusion.navigate. I'm using cfajaxproxy to bind to a javascript function when the user clicks on a row in the grid. When the row is clicked, the javascript function gets called and uses ColdFusion.Navigate to fill the same cfdiv that the grid was in with a detail page.

      This works fine except I get a runtime javascript error of "Object required" from the /CFIDE/scripts/ajax/ext/package/grid/grid.js file line 13. It's like the grid is still trying to run after the ColdFusion.Navigate has changed the cfdiv to the detail page.

      I've attached code for 3 files that can be used to test the error: home.cfm, grid.cfm, and detail.cfm.

      home.cfm loads grid.cfm into the cfdiv. When you click on a row of the grid, the detail.cfm page is loaded, but you get the javascript error above. There is also a link in the grid.cfm page that calls detail.cfm using ColdFusion.Navigate. That works without causing an error.

      Any ideas how to prevent the error?

      Code Listed below: