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    RH 7 Install

      There is a Level 2 ticket on this with a call back on Monday, but I wanted to put this out to the user community for comments.

      On a current model Dell with a clean install of XP Pro SP2 and all updates, with only MS Office and the new Captivate 3 installed, it took many attempts to install the new RoboHelp 7 due to install roll back. Once installed, it froze when opening any project and the process had to be killed. After removing the application the install will roll back on every install attempt. We have followed to the letter both Tech Notes on alternative installs, and besides we are software engineers with 100’s of years of accumulative experience, and we cannot overcome this roll back. An attempt was made on a second perfectly clean XP Pro computer, off the network, almost no services running, installed from the desktop, and again the install rolled back with the error of the install cannot be completed because it was interrupted. Personally we think we have a buggy version of RH 7 but if any of you have any suggestions we are ready and willing to try anything.