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    VERY BUGGY Program

    jefferis Level 1

      I just downloaded the current version of Animate CC and followed the tutorials.   Nothing seems correct.


      1. There are no Gradient buttons for color on stage or vector items.
      2. the keyframes do not populate even though I have keyframes on. Dragging items do not produce a transition on the timeline.
      3. the Max width button only says None and will not let me make changes.


      I'm on Mac Mavericks.  But if this it the quality of CC, it ain't worth the price.

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          mobly Level 3

          when you say vector items i take it you mean squares circles drawn in Edge and not imported vectors. Have you got a screen shot, of the missing gradient buttons? keyframes, so you have an object selected at the zero timeline, and then you click say opacity keyframe and it doesn't appear on the timeline? Max width is a bit clunk, you click Max width, then click none with the tick, then you will see the dimension appear.  Hope that helps Cheers Alistair

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            Dsarchy Level 3

            1) The gradient is the second tab in under 'color'- you can set a gradient there.

            2) Have you enabled to pin (above timeline) or clicked on the diamond next to the property- i dont have the problem you are having (also on Mavericks)

            3) Max Width - make sure you untick 'none'. If you are trying to scale the animation to fit the width of the page however I would recommend doing this though triggers and update the width based on the screen width on page resize/load.


            Your better off just learning to use the canvas object and leaving edge well alone. We have tried it for a couple of 'fancy' slideshows however we found the code it produced was horrendous.

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              jefferis Level 1

              Well, that was weird.   I reopened Animate to take the screen shots and low and behold, the gradient buttons were there today, unlike yesterday where they were definitely missing, even after a screen resize.  The max width thing was a puzzle, thanks.


              Okay, I even had keyframes being added. Weird.  Is the pin necessary for that? It wasn't in the tutorial video I watched.

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                Dsarchy Level 3

                I think its covered in the 'Quick Start' tutorials that load with the program.


                The Pin is used to quickly key everything (if its enabled you do not have to set a key for individual items in that frame)

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                  elainecc Adobe Employee

                  Glad it worked for you, jefferis!  You don't need the Pin to be able to animate; you can keyframe by clicking in the properties panel or the timeline panel.