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    Why is the badge number removed?

    David_Welch Level 1

      I have notifications enabled in my mobile Flex application and notifications are working fine, but, the Air SDK seems to remove the "badge" number automatically before the invoke (and activate) events are fired.  It's even noted as the standard behavior here: http://blogs.adobe.com/airodynamics/2012/05/29/push-notifications-support-in-ios/


      Not sure how it was determined that this logic was appropriate, which is obviously business logic and not normal behavior, but, I don't see a workaround to override.


      I want to manage the badge numbers in the app, not have the Flex SDK decide when to remove the badge.  If you look at ANY application that uses the badge intelligently, you'll see it isn't removed when the app is fired up.


      I'm looking for a workaround to set the badge back to it's original state, however, I don't think it's possible, since it looks like this is cleared before invoke/activate events. 


      Anyone know how this can be "fixed"?  I don't even see a way using ANEs (which I'm using to get/set the badge).