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    Javascript Month Trend Calculation Using Date




      I have search the forum, but I'm not able to identify anything that specifically answers my script question.


      I am using Adobe Acrobat 9 and I'm a javascript novice and intermediate form builder.


      I would like to create a custom calculation script using information stored in a field. The field is a text field formatted as a date "mm/dd/yyyy"


      I'm trying to create a monthly straight line trend.




      User Input Date: 01/10/2014 (Month/Day/Year); cannot be driven by current system date, must be user entered

      Units to Date: 10 Units


      Monthly Straight Line Trend is 31 units (This is what I would like to calculate)


      Formula =  (Units/Day)*Max Days of Month


      To accomplish my goal, I need to solve for the following hangups:


      1) Can I extract the "Day" from the date text field?

      2) Can I derive the "Max" number of days in a given Month/Year?

      3) Can I tie the script together so I don't need to have a "DAY" text field and a "MAX DAY" text field?


      Any help would be very much appreciated.