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    Boss is going to kill me, one last chance.

      I can do some PHP, but when it comes to graphics I'm a true hack. There, I said it. I have a nice quality, large 3MB PDF file, that prints fine 8.5x11. I need to add a simple logo at the bottom of it, and only have Fireworks CS3 to do this. When I open the PDF in FWorks, (it opens as a PDF, within FWorks) it looks like it has lost so much quality, so I print a copy and save it and yes, it is now only about 600K. I don't have to save it to be bad quality, just when it opens it already is. Where do I control this, if I can, so that the opened document is of the same quality as the original PDF? Also, if I get it to be good quality, what should I save it as (this is a flyer for printing, not for the web). PDF, PNG, TIFF?

      Thanks so much in advance. I missed FedEx yesterday and have one more chance to print to the distant FedExKinkos.

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          You don't have the original graphic? The .pdf format is for output...it isn't really intended to be a graphics format.


          Try this: open the .pdf in Reader, click on the image to highlight it, press CTRL-C to copy. Go to Fireworks, press CTRL-N for a new image (FW should figure out the size you need, accept the sizes), then press CTRL-V to paste the image into FW.

          If you're going to print, then Fireworks is not the right program to use because FW doesn't have color management. Anyway...since your original image was a .pdf, go with that. (Of course, once you get your image in to FW and get your logo added on, save a copy of this new source material.)

          Good luck!