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    DNG converter problem


      I have downloaded DNG converter 8.3 to convert my Nikon D610 NEF files so that I can open them in CS5. The version info says that it supports the D610 as of 12th december 13, however when I try to use it I only see an empty folder, it doesn't recognise the D610 files. Has anyone succesfully converted D610 files to DNG using version 8.3? I don't want to use Nikon View NX to convert them to TIFF I want to be able to do my RAW editing in camera raw. I have used DNG converter to convert D800 files so I know what should happen, DNG converter just doesn't seem to recognise D610 files, even though it says it does support them.

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          Curt Y Level 7

          Have not used DNG converter, but you have to convert the files and they are put in a seperate folder.  Existing NEF is unchanged as I understand it.


          Do not use Nikon NX as the metadata is not compatable with Adobe.  Use the NX2 what had errors corrected.

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            sbrenray Level 1

            Yeah I know what should happen I've used DNG converter successfully with D800 files. I did transfer them with NX2 and I can open the files in NX2. I installed the version that came with the camera. I'm just trying to find if anyone has successfully used DNG converter with D610 files. The DNG converter 8.3 download page says it supports the D610 but that seems contradicted when I try to use it. When I select the folder the D610 files are in it appears empty and there is a message saying the files aren't supported. I've also transferred the files directly from memory card (as that's how I'd done it with the D800) but it still doesn't 'see' them. I'm wondering if maybe it doesn't actually suppert the D610 files yet, which is why I'm trying to find if anyone has been successful.

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              Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

              What operating system are you using?


              Your just selecting the folder in the dng converter dialog with the d610 raws and not actually opening the folder?


              I just tried some of the nikon D610 sample raw files from here and the 8.3 dng converter worked with them:




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                JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Some older versions of Nikon Transfer corrupt the images so that Lightroom cannot read them. That could be a problem. Something for you to check out. I would suggest simply importing using Lightroom and not even worry about Nikon transfer. I have never used the utility, but I don't understand why people feel they need to use it.


                As far as the DNG converter is concerned, notice what the prompt is asking for; it wants the FOLDER. Choose the folder in the DNG converter but don't open it. Choose the folder, set other options as required, and then click on the Convert button. Then you will see your files listed as they are converted. This is a common mistake that new users of the DNG converter make all the time.  If you want to just convert a few specific files, locate them and drag them onto the icon for the DNG converter. The converter will open and will convert just those files.