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    loading swf files

      I am loading swf files from past jobs into my online portfolio which i have put off from some eight years. Some of the past work are banners, interactive multimedia pieces and self-running presentations. My question is this, How can I if possible load these movies of multiple sizes and inactivity into my online portfolio?
      I'm in CS3. Is there any way of loading the swfs at a certain size to fit my present layout and to mask them off if possible?
      Thanks Brian

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          3-Putt Level 1
          I figured out how to load the swf in and resize it by loading it into a movie clip

          on (release) {
          loadMovie("main3v.swf", image_mc);

          unfortunately the code in the loaded movie takes over and sends me back to the first frame. How can interact with my loaded movie without moving my position on the timeline?