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    Question about RegExp and escaping ()

    Lane Goolsby

      It seems that I am as bad at regex as I think I am. I am trying to match to a string that starts with a set of parenthesis with any number in them. For example:


      var patt = new RegExp("^\([0-9]\)");
      var text = "(1)"
          console.println("found it");
           console.println("did not find it");


      Should produce these types of results:


      StringExpected ResultActual Result
      (1) Something Somethingtruefalse
      (9) truefalse
      Something Somethingfalsefalse
      (a) Somethingfalsefalse
      99 Somethingfalsetrue
      Something (99) Somethingfalsefalse


      However, it seems that the escapes for the ()'s are not working as I get true for any string that starts with a number but not when the number is enclosed in (). Should I double escape the () in the expression?


      As I understand regex (and I openly admit you would be hard pressed to find something who knows it less than me), ^ should denote the start of the string, \( should escape the ( to say I want to look for a literal (, [0-9] should match any number, and again \) should mean a literal ).