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      Does CF Builder have a way (plugin or some setting) to not allow editting outside of the InstanceBeginEditable and InstanceEndEditable tags, as it does in DW?

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          charlie@carehart.org Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Wow, I would suspect not. That was really a DW-specific sort of feature, and CFB was not designed really to carry forward any sort of DW-specific sort of features. Someone from Adobe, or someone else with more familiarity with any DW-sort of functionality in CFB may say otherwise. I just wanted to offer this answer for you in the meantime to say (as a pretty experienced CFB user) that I doubt you will find any such feature in CFB.


          That said, since CFB is based on Eclipse, and Eclipse is written entirely in Java, it’s possible someone could create an extension in CFB to support this, if in fact Eclipse has anything like that sort of functionality (limiting parts of the page being edited). I won’t be surprised if it does not, at all, let alone in a way that may be customized somehow to do it based on tags.


          Let’s see if anyone knows otherwise.