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    Interactive PDF created in CS6 InDesign data collection issue


      Created an interactive form from within CS6 InDesign. Uses text fields and check boxes with a submit button to forward the completed form to an email address. When tested in Acrobat Reader, the collected information will not be submitted, just a copy of the form -- blank. Any obvious solutions to this, perhaps a step I missed when creating in InDesign?


      Also, my submit button creates an email to send with form completed data input, and attachements too, can then be included. Is there a way to bypass the attachements step for the email and simply have an Include (browse) for attachements while within the interactive PDF?

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          Cari Jansen Adobe Community Professional

          Which version of Adobe Reader are you using for testing purposes? Adobe Reader XI introduced the ability to save filled out PDF forms and submit them. For earlier versions as far as I'm aware you'd need to create a Reader Extended PDF, which is something you can do in Acrobat, not InDesign.


          If you have Adobe Acrobat:

          • Open the PDF form you created in InDesign then
          • File > Save as Other > Reader Extended PDF > Enable More Tools... and test it in Adobe Reader again.


          To answer your second question, not that I know... (neither in InDesign or Acrobat).

          However, if you have a copy of Adobe LivecycleDesigner, you can add a form object that can be used by users to include attachments.