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    Data display, security and xml vs. e4x

      Win XP, Mac OS.
      Flash Player 9.x

      Create an HttpService object with resultFormat ="e4x".
      The service accesses a url in an external domain, so create a crossdomain.xml file with all domains wide open for the moment.
      In result handler, assign data to a list, text box, whatever.
      Deploy the swf to my http server.
      Access my swf with web-browsers on Mac and Win.

      Properly displayed data on all platforms.

      On Mac OS the data display works perfectly well, but on Win XP no data is displayed: according to the browser's status bar, the http request is made, and data is returned over the wire, but the components are left without content.

      Attempts to fix:
      Though no security dialogs popped up, the symptoms seemed to map to a sandbox issue. Double-checked crossdomain.xml file, making sure I could see it at the swf-domain's root. I tried several different settings in the crossdomain file, and had it deployed in several different locations to be sure I had covered the search path. No change in the results: it worked on the mac but not on Win XP.

      Change resultFormat ="e4x" to resultFormat ="xml". The data displayed as expected in the Win XP player. The mac display continues to work properly.

      When should I use xml and when shoudl I use e4x? I don't notice a performance difference between the 2, and I don't have to change my result hanlder code to switch from one to the other. The only (important!) difference I've observed is that on Win I can reliably display my data with xml whereas I cannot with e4x. Can someone please explaiini this? Text Text