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    Alternate Layout - odd behavior


      The ad campaign I'm working on includes 14 ads. Because each of these ads will run in as many as 12 different publications, I've set up 12 alternate layouts to accomodate each of these trim sizes. At least one of these alternate layouts is different enough in size that I have had to remap the original body font paragraph style to an alternate (larger) body style for that layout. In some cases, when I make an edit to some of the 'master' copy on the original layouts, then 'update all links', Indesign performs this function perfectly, updating each of the alternate layouts accordingly and even automatically applying the newer, larger body copy for the layout that requires it. However, in other cases (depending on which of the pages in the main series I edit), Indesign updates all of the copy but refuses to remap the style, leaving me with updated text that's too small for the layout, forcing me to manually apply the necessary larger body style after the fact. So in effect I've got Indesign both behaving and misbehaving while performing the same function in the same document in a very specific way.


      I've tried  try to diagnose the cause of this behavior but without success. One thing I should mention is that I am constantly adding to the original series of ads, then using 'place and link' to distribute the new content across the various alternate layouts. Could this be the issue? I suspect this might work better with a static, finished series of originals that I could create alternate layouts from all at once, but unfortunately the nature of this project is that new ads are added to the series fairly frequently. (at present the doc contains 14 ads and 12 alternate layouts, culminating in 180 pages!)

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant
          1. Do you use Paragraph and Character Styles on the first place before you create the first AL? (Without manual overrides!!!!!)
          2. Are your styles set up in a dependence so you will change one style other styles will change too?
          3. Does your AL create each own folder for styles which should be done during AL?
          4. If 3 is yes you should be able to redefine these fonts.
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            RPotter_Can Level 1

            Thanks for the reply.


            1. All styles were created in the master series (and correctly applied) before the altnernate layouts were generated.

            2. Can you clarify what you mean by dependence? I interpret that as having the body style for my alternate layouts 'based on' (in the paragraph style dialogue) the body font from the master layout - in which case, no. But having said that, InDesign is correctly remapping the style from master to alternate layout in at least on case in the document. This is what's so perplexing, because I followed the same procedure each time I created a new page in the master and alternates and then placed and linked the content across them.

            3. Indesign created new style groups for each of the alternate layouts when the ALs themselves were generated. Two of the ALs required an adjustment to the body font size, so I made the appropriate changes to their respective body paragraph style sheets.

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              RPotter_Can Level 1

              When you tell Indesign to generate an alternate layout and assign a new set of style sheets specific to that layout, everything works perfectly.
              That's because Indesign is applying the alternate style sheet set to that layout automatically.


              My problem is that I have to add pages after the fact. When I place and link the photo and copy from the new page in my master layout across each corresponding new page in each of the alternate layouts, Indesign is doing just that – placing and linking the copy (with the master body style sheet) onto the other layouts. At that point, I have to manually apply the larger body style, which Indesign classifies as an edit to the content. So when I make any edits to the text in the master layout, then update all my links, it flags me with the content override warning. My only choice at this point is to accept, but while the text itself updates, I'm now stuck with body copy that has shrunk down to match the smaller font from the master layout, which again necessitates restyling it manually.

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                RPotter_Can Level 1

                Problem solved.


                I found that when using place and link I had to show the content conveyor, then utilize the remap styles feature in that dialogue. Now everything works perfectly. Edits to the master layout  now ripple seamlessly across all of my alternate layouts in the blink of an eye, and each body style maps correctly to the version of body text in each appropriate layout.