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    Best place to purchase InDesign fonts from?


      There are tons of websites out there that sell fonts that work in InDesign, but I've never purchased any. I'm now looking for some new fonts and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good website to purchase fonts for InDesign from?



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          MW Design Level 5

          You're asking such a question...I'm a fontaholic. I really should stay away from such threads ;^)


          Any of a number of reputable font sellers will sell high-quality fonts. My Fonts is a decent aggregate source. While they have some junk fonts in general all of them from traditional font vendors (like Lintotype, Monotype, Adobe, URW, etc., and these places also have their own sites) as well as great design bureaus (like Latinotype, Kimmy Design, Isac Rodrigues, Laura Worthington, and my favorite odd font maker, PintassilgoPrints, etc).


          Otherwise, there are dozens of font makers that have web sites themselves. Like Lost Type, which is a name your price site. Font Squirrel has a bunch of free and "almost free" but many, while usable for print are really optimized for web use I think. But there are some nice ones there. Hoefler & Frere-Jones has changed the way they license fonts and build some great ones.  exljbris Font Foundry has some very well made free fonts. There there is Letterhead Fonts. The League of Movable Type. The Walden Font Company. Old Fonts (oldfonts.com <--hard one to search for so that's the url). The list goes on and on.


          Fonts are a vortex that can suck you in. Which is why I would recommend having a particular need and look to fill it at one of the above (and more) places. Having a need and filling it is cheaper.



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            Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant
            • When it comes to compatibility between different computer OS’ you should choose OTF fonts.
            • You should also look, if the font includes all different glyphs. Often fonts miss very important letters, like €¥ÖÄÜÏËäöüïëß (EURO, Yen, German Umlaute ÄÖÜäöü, other Diphtongs and sharp s). Even if you don't use them in your language you might need them for legal text or for proper names. All fonts should incude at minimum Western European Latin Letters for Western (EN, FR, NL, ES, PT) and Central European (DE, DK, IT, etc) languages.
            • If you need to typeset in different languages you will need a font which includes such glyph sets like Cyrillic for Serbian, Russian, Bulgarian or Helenic Letters for Greek, Extended Latin Letters (sometimes they call it CE letters for Central Europe) for Eastern Europe like Czeck, Polish or Hungerian, or Eastern Latin Letters for Turkey. If you have to type in Non Latin languages like Farsi, Arab, Hebrew or Asian you might buy additional fonts.
            • Take care that the font family is big enough to meet all your needs, like different weights (regular, bold, semibold, light, thin, etc.) and width (normal, extended, semiextended, condensed, semicondensed, etc) for all weights!