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    Option button help


      I have a form with 3 option buttons in a group "Requested_Action" Choice1 - Choice3. I have another option button group and when I select one of the choices in the other group I want to lock choice 3 here's what I have so far:


      if ( this.getField("Requested_Action").isBoxChecked(0) || this.getField("Requested_Action").isBoxChecked(1) || this.getField("Requested_Action").isBoxChecked(2)){

          // Look for a match of the output/export value of the checked radio button

                // and set the value of FR_ALERT

                if(this.getField("Requested_Action").value == "Choice3" ){

                          this.getField("Requested_Action").value = false;

         this.getField(.......).locked = true;




      I dont know how to look at only choice3 in the group of option buttons. Is there a way to designate both the group and choice of the option button?



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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          The "isBoxChecked" can be tricky. You can test the values of an exclusionary group's value. It will be "Off" when no item is selected and it will be the optional/export value when a check box or radio button is slected. You can also check an item or uncheck all items with this inforamtion.