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    need help pls


      I have a galaxy note2. I had to manually add a flashplayer bc Samsung doesn't support it. Yesterday,  I had to do a software update, which messed up my flashplayer. I did a master reset on phone to try an correct it but that too didn't work. Is there any possible way that someone could update or make another flashplayer an Send me a link to my email? I so love this site an I really don't want to have to give up something I love bc I can't get a better flashplayer. I seriously need an ungrade. Please help.  Thank u

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          Mike M Level 6

          There is no more Flash Player for Android and there won't be another. Android is no longer comaptible with Flash Player. Playing Flash content is very processor consumptive and it drains your battery, also shortening the life of it.

          Android (Google) recommends using either "Dolphin" or "Puffin" as your browser if you need to view Flash content with a mobile device running Android. They're both free in the GooglePlay store. These browsers use "server side" rendering to reduce the load on your device.

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            fireflyfw Level 1

            Thank u for sending me this info. I already tried the dolphin browser. It

            didn't work. It's shameful that I can't enjoy my site anymore bc of these

            phone companies "choosing" weather what will drain our battery or not. That

            should be our decision. I appreciate ur help. Guess I'll be looking into

            buying a laptop.

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              Mike M Level 6

              Don't take this the wrong way. I'm not singling you out or "bagging" on you, but getting a laptop is probably the best way to go, and what you should have done to begin with. Tablets are for reading ebooks in my opinion, and not really good for anything else. They're too small. I've repaired my neice's Kindle twice, and I can't for the life of me figure out what she sees in that thing.

              Same goes for smartphones. I build websites that are compatible with them, but I don't own one and if I did, I certainly wouldn't try to use it as:
              An MP3 player
              A video camera

              A laptop

              A portable office

              A GPS device

              or any of the other things I see people trying to use their cellphones for.


              I have a really nice 14MP SLR digital camera for taking pictures. I have a really nice digital HD camcorder for shooting video. I have a really nice 20Gb MP3 player with video capabilities for listening when I'm not at home. I have a laptop, and several desktop computers. I use each for what it was intended, and not for anything else, even though I can shoot video with the camera, or play MP3s from the camcorder and my laptop has an HD webcam built in. Things just work better with what they were meant to used with.

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                fireflyfw Level 1

                Well I found a browser that has a flashplayer.  It's called flashfox.  It

                does what I need it to do till I can get a pc. Thanks for u help, it was

                much appreciated.