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    Camera question


      Is there a way I can tell which camera of my 3D members many cameras, is the one we are currently viewing through?
      Also, can i get the Index of the camera I only know the name of?

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          hope I understand the problem right.
          You can see which camera is currently active in some sprite:
          put sprite(1).camera.name
          this returns the name of the active camera camera(which you are viewing trough).

          if you know the name of the camera you can do this to get the index(Ithink there is a easier way..):
          --" w3d" is your 3dshockwave
          repeat with id= 1 to w3d.camera.count
          if w3d.camera[id].name = "cameraYouSearchFor" then put id
          end repeat
          -- the returned 'id' is the index of the camera with the name "cameraYouSearchFor".

          Sorry for my bad english.
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            GlennoUK Level 1
            Thanks Daniel,

            Exactly what I was after. Dont know why I didnt try that to begin with.

            ...and i was hoping for a more direct method to get the current Camera Index, but that will do just fine for now.

            Thanks again,