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    Serial number entry


      What happened to the question I just posted? I just bought CS6 from best buy and I'm trying to enter the serial number, but the boxes will not accept letters, only numbers, and the serial number on the receipt from best buy has fewer characters than the serial number boxes.  How can I enter the serial number and start using my $770 software?

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          An actual serial number has only digits.  What you are entering sounds like a redemption  code.  There should be a URL on the box or on a piece of paper near the redemption code of where to go to convert the redemption code into a serial number.  Adobe has this two step process because for you to get a serial number from the redemption code, Best Buy also has to scan your item and transmit the fact someone bought it to Adobe.  This prevents people from stealing software from the store shelves and selling it or getting a list of redemption codes from the packaging and selling those.  Without a purchase-scan of your specific box as you left Best Buy the redemption code wouldn’t work.


          Refer to this Adobe help page for future information: