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    Spry Collapsible Panel

    BJ - CF
      My current web page has 4 tab areas that when the user click on the tab it will expand the information under it. When they click on it again, it will hide the information under it. I use a cookie to hold the value of if the tab should be expanded or hidden and it does a refresh of the page to expand and hide.

      Now with spry, I can do this much cleaner than the way I have it. The problem I'm running into is how can I save if the tab area should be expanded or hidden. For example the user expands the one tab area and then might do other things on the page which sometimes refreshes the page. Once the page gets refreshed the spry tab area closed up. I want it in the same state that they left it in before the refresh. If it is hidden and they refresh, I still want it hidden, if it is expanded and they refresh I still want it expanded.
      Any help would be great!!