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    Export to PDF / Master page problem / bitmap compression

    Krzysztof Tura Level 1


      I have two problems with new CC.



      I have a problem while I'm exporting my project to the PDF print file and I'm using objects from Master Pages.

      I've tried new documents, old ones, and it's looking like a general problem.

      I'm using CC, in previous version there wasn't that problem.

      It's not important if it's PDF 1.5 or 1.3 or any other.


      To make it easy to understand:

      Document has 48 pages

      One master page A

      On the master page, I put two elements, lets say circle and square.

      In indesign it's look great.

      Now, I want to delete circle, from several pages.

      So like always in previus versions, I click [Ctrl+Shift+Click] on a circle, it's made it editable from the page, so I delete it.

      I'm making it on several pages.

      From some, I delete square.


      And.. in Indesign it's all look great.

      But if I want to export it to PDF file, the magic is happaning.

      On some pages it's ok, on pages where should be only square is a circle, sometimes if should be circle it's nothing.


      What is going on?!

      I know, I can make two master pages, but it's just exaplme.


      I'm working on big file with a lot of different master pages, and I have to be able to delete some objects from master pages on some pages, don't worring if it will diseaper in PDF or not.



      The other problem, is when I'm placing bitmaps with transparency, after exporting to PDF, also magic is happening.

      Even if I use no compression on PDF print file export options, or if I choose ZIP compresion (lossless) every time it's making some odd outline on the edges of transparency.


      It's crazy, because I'm exporting the same file, from my CC, from CS5 or even CS4.

      And only problem is in a new one!


      Again! What is going on?!


      I'm using Indesign from CS3, a lot of years, and this is first time it has problems.