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    Connecting to SQL Server 2005

      I have a website that's running SQL Server 2005, and I have a photo album in that, which I populate as and when I get new photos of the site. I would like to have a horizontal list control that shows the albums one after the other. I am ok with the flex UI part, but I don't know how to get the SQL Server intergration. Do i need FDS for this ?

      I also want it such that the Flex Control recieves updates as and when I create a new album. Can Flex directly connect to the SQL database.table.row ? or should it rely on XML for that ?
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          atta707 Level 2
          FDS -- rebranded as LiveCycle -- is totally optional.

          No. Flex won't connect to any DB server directly.

          Yes. You'd need XML or JSON or any other format.

          Essentially you'll be using HttpService fronted to a, perhaps, as ASP.NET page that gives you the data.