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    Importing UI Kits


      Hi, I'm kinda new to Smart Object feature. I want to ask about importing smart object from a .psd file.


      For example. I am working with 2 .psd files. The first one is my working file and the second is a UI kit containing several folders:

      1. ui_kit.psd
        1. Logo Folder
          1. text layer
          2. fill1 layer
          3. fill2 layer
        2. Icon 1 Folder
          1. shape1 object
        1. Icon 2 Folder
          1. shape2 object
        2. and so on...

      My question is, is it possible to import the logo folder only as a single smart object layer and hides other folder to my working file? When I import the smart object it already shows the contents of logo folder only Instead doing "Place-> ui_kit.pds -> Smart Objects -> Edit Content -> Hides other folder".

      I want to avoid copy and pasting the whole contents of Logo Folder and import only single smart object layer to my working layer.


      Please forgive me if my question is not clear.