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    Activating Flash paper??

    Rbavis Level 1
      I have Studio 8 and have tried repeatedly to get flash paper to work. Did I need to do a separate activation for this application? All the other Studio apps work fine.

      When I try to convert a small word doc to flash/swf or pdf the process looks like its running but when I look at Windows Task Manager it shows that Word is "not running". My normal default printer shows that it has been shifted to the "flash printer" and the document (supposedly) being converted shows up in the flash printer box but quickly shows an error.

      When I checked the HELP info. It mentions an activation process that I do not remember completing (though I did activate the Studio 8 Suite)

      It seems that FP is able to run (the window opens and shows that it is working...) but it does not "produce" - it just "hangs" the document.

      Any Ideas??