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    Unable to use Flex Profiler




      We are developing Mobile application so we normally use Flex Profiler and Adobe Scout to optimize memory and speed up performance. Few days back I was able to do Flex profiling, but today somehow it stops working. When I try to use Flex profilier it first show me the "Connection Established" popup with "Enable memory profiling" and "Enable performance profiling" check box ticked.


      After clicking "Resume" button it shows me the Flex Profile view, with empty Live Object section and straight line in Memory Usage section. Please see the screen shot for more detail.


      Flex profiler screen shot.png


      After some googling, somewhere I found that "When you profile an application the IDE writes to the mm.cfg file on your local machine. It adds in a pre-loader that runs before your application is started – this allows the IDE to connect to the app to get the profiling data.". I also tried to replace mm.cfg file from other machine but it didn't worked for me.


      I have also tried to replace AIR SDK and creating fresh workspace but still facing the same issue. Can anyone help me on this?