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    Tiff saved in PS CC Hangs Lightroom, Photoshop and OS

    RikkFlohr Level 6

      This has happened twice in the past week.


      1. Send a CR2 from LR to PS

      2. Edit in PS

      3. Save and return to LR.

      4. Everything appears fine

      5. Hours later, Tiff file cannot be read in LR.  Loading Icon appears and never disappears. Lightroom eventually hangs.

      6. Kill Lightroom - will not kill via Task Manager

      7. Attempt to reboot. System will not reboot.

      8. Hard boot with power switch. System Boots.

      9. Goto PS CC Attempt to open Tiff frm MRU list. Tiff opens but takes minutes instead of seconds.

      10. Hit Save. Save hangs at 91%

      11. Cannot Kill PS CC via Task Manager (either as a program or as a process) - Cannot restart system. Hard boot with Power Switch.

      12. Kill Tiff File with Windows Explorer - Delete takes forever.  Eventually file deletes.

      13. Lightroom and Photoshop return to normal and function as expected with past and newly created Tiff files.


      One time I couild have written off as a fluke but twice in a week with the exact same symptoms points to an introduced corruption surrounding the creation or maintenance of this Tiff file.


      Note that Windows Explorer also has difficulty displaying the Thumbnail for this lone Tiff file.


      Any thoughts? Originally I thought this was a LR issue with a preview cache but have eliminated that.  I normally have my hands on a dozen of these files every day and have never seen behavior like this before.


      A hard system boot via the power switch is a very rare occurance for me (Like once a year).



      Win 7 64 Bit, LR 5.3, PS CC - all are up-to-date. Tiff file is generated from a single exposure Canon 5DMKII.