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    CS6 stops working

    Alun L Williams

      My CS6 has worked OK for months, now after opening an image and then trying to print a MS Widow comes up saying "Windows is checking for a solution" which immediately goes into anothe MS Window saying" A problem caused the programme to stop working......" and it shuts down without any further advice.


      I have tried reinstalling CS6 and my printer drivers all to no avail.


      I don't have much hair left and it is going fast !

      Any Ideas plesae ?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Without proper system info, including details about your printer and its config, and info on your documents nobody can say anything. And well, if the printer driver crashes, checking the details in the Event Viewer would be kinda important as well...



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            Alun L Williams Level 1

            Hi Mylenium,




            Thanks for your comments and trying to help.




            My system is a PC running Vista ; an Epson WF-3520DWF and Epson Photo R2400 printers




            I have reloaded the CS 6 software and both printer drivers with no change




            CS6 has been working perfectly well for some months on the same set up until yesterday !




            I can load images either Jpeg or CS2 or PSD and as soon as I hit the print button I get a Windows pop up which says Windows is checking for a solution then another pop up saying CS6 has stopped working and the program closes.




            I have since had an online chat with someone at Adobe who says despite me buying the program against an advert which says it was Vista compatible,  Adobe does not support Vista and so no help. He says I should upgrade to Windows 7 !




            He also mentioned running it in a different user profile on my computer which I have done and it works OK.




            From a similar thread I have found from the support page and an earlier version of Photoshop it seems that it may be something to do with “preference files” which is currently beyond my knowledge/comfort zone !




            Any ideas ?  as I really don’t want to run another user profile on my computer and of course there is a chance that the second version could similarly stop working sometime in the future if I don’t get to the bottom of it.




            Kind Regards